Tami's Story

תמונה שלי לאודות

A leading figure in the Gluten Free community in Israel (Founder of “Culinary” blog, author of “Baking without Gluten”). Started developing the flour in 2009 and achieved outstanding results in several years. Responsible for developing new GF products- From custom made formulas for specific clients, to new lines of products.

The Tamiflour Company

Tami Flour Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets gluten free flour and other products, and considers as a leading manufacturer in Israel
Tami Flour Ltd. was established in 2013, but the flours are sold successfully since 2012
The company manufacturers 2 kinds of all purpose flour- Tami Flour for patisserie and Tagmish Flour for boulangerie.
More products are about to enter the market- Several kinds of gluten free baking improvers and “bread crumbs”
The company manufacturers under ISO 9001 standards
The company’s flour is sold in several health and organic chains. Recently it gained the attention of the food industry and started to be sold as raw material.
Nationwide Tami can be found in over 180 selling locations. In their 35 selling locations in Israel’s leading retailer they were awarded top ten best selling products.

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