Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean 1:1 substitute?

Tami Flour is the only all-purpose flour which substitutes recipes in 1:1 ratio – same amount of flour, water, baking time and temp. The end result is also 1:1- Same texture and taste.

Why is it healthy?

  • Enriched with iron to support damaged iron absorption mechanisms in celiac patients
  • The only GF flour enriched with vitamin C to allow iron absorption
  • The vitamin C is capsulated to allow the release of it in the stomach, and not in the damaged intestine in celiac patients
  • Enriched with calcium due to celiac effects
  • Enriched with legume based carbohydrates- Lower and healthier Glycemic Index
  • Enriched with nutritious fibers
  • Low fat
  • Origin of the Na is mainly from dietary fibers

Can I substitute the flour in every recipe I have?

Yes, that is the purpose of the flour- To allow you the freedom of all purpose flour, but gluten free. It would work in each recipe you’ll try.