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What does it mean 1:1 substitute?

Tami Flour is the only all-purpose flour which substitutes recipes in 1:1 ratio – same amount of flour, water, baking time and temp. The end result is also 1:1- Same texture and taste.

Why is it healthy?

Enriched with iron to support damaged iron absorption mechanisms in celiac patients.
The only GF flour enriched with vitamin C to allow iron absorption.
The vitamin C is capsulated to allow the release of it in the stomach, and not in the damaged intestine in celiac patients.
Enriched with calcium due to celiac effects.
Enriched with legume based carbohydrates - Lower and healthier Glycemic Index.
Enriched with nutritious fibres.
Low Fat
Lactose Free
Doesn’t contain sugar or salt, origin of NA is mainly from nutritional fibers.
Low glycemic values - Preferred option for people with diabetes.
Doesn’t contain any stabilizers.
Doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients.
Iron, Calcium and capsulated Vitamin C can be added to the flours, according to the clients’ needs or wishes.

Can I substitute the flour in every recipe I have?

Yes, Tami’s multipurpose flour can substitute each recipe that is not from the bread family (for the breads family we have the Tagmish flour). That is the purpose of the flour – To allow you the freedom of all purpose flour, but gluten free. It would work in each recipe you’ll try.

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