Meet Tami

"The secret of the success of Tami flour lies in Tami's personal and daily relationship with the public who avoids gluten"
CEO, founder and developer

Tami Ben David

The story of Kameh Tami involves the story of the company's founder Tami Ben David. Tami, who was exposed to celiac disease in her family, decided already in 2009 to embark on a journey to develop delicious, nutritious and convenient products for work, for those avoiding gluten. The careful development of the flours that began in her private kitchen and developed into a professional laboratory, resulted in the launch of the first product in 2012 - 'Tamiflour' which was immediately recognized as the leading solution on the market for gluten-free baking.

In the following years, Tami continued to work day and night, developing and producing flours, mixtures and high-quality gluten-free products , while taking care of rich nutritional components and a wide variety that would meet the various nutritional needs of those avoiding gluten.

The secret of the success of Tamiflour lies in Tami's personal and daily relationship with the gluten-free public.

Through the gluten-free baking workshops that Tami has been making sure to deliver for a decade, the 'Culinary' Facebook group that she manages and in which she guarantees a quick and professional answer to any question and thanks to her listening and openness, Tami knows how to identify the needs arising from the field and develop the most accurate answer.

🧡 A message from Tami

I am here for you

Today I continue to lead the research and development of the gluten-free product line to provide you with the highest quality, healthiest and simplest products to prepare.

Members of the gluten-free community are always welcome to continue to consult, chat and share with me.
I am here for you.